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We’ve Changed Our Name!

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Why the change?

Why would we change our name after thirteen years?  Over the last year of contemplating, discussing, planning, and designing, people have asked us many times why we want to change the name and branding for Beyond Elegant Events.  That answer is easy…. it was time!

When we started the business thirteen years ago, we had no idea that Beyond Elegant Events would take off as rapidly as it did, surpassing our wildest expectations.

Over time, our vision for the business has evolved and morphed into something different than what we set out to be. 

Instead of wanting to conquer the world and be the biggest, we determined we wanted to just be us, a small team wanting to make each client feel like they are part of our family…because the Darling Wedding Co is a family! You will see in upcoming posts on our blog and social media, we are still in contact with many of our past clients to this day. We love seeing our client’s birth announcements, work accomplishments, and celebrating their anniversaries!

We want to create a team with our clients complete with amazing wedding professionals to bring their dream day to life.  Planning a wedding is an enormous task, with heightened emotions, many challenges, and countless decisions.  We streamlined our process to help make the planning of such a huge day feel as stress free as possible. 

Since we are a small team made up of only two planners, Jayme and Katie (watch for our bios coming soon!) and a couple spectacular assistants, we only take a select few weddings each year.  This boutique wedding approach allows us more initialized attention to our clients.  A planner will never have two weddings in a weekend with us.

The Darling Wedding Co is a place for couples to find a planner, who not only has over thirteen years of knowledge to pull from, but to find a friend to call to vent to when the pressure gets to be too much. We promise to do everything in our power to turn your dreams into reality while providing a collaborative, creative, and fun process.


Jayme and Katie